United Natural Foods previously announced a recall of its black bean tortillas due to potential contamination by clostridium botulinum bacteria.  In the previous recall, the affected products were stated as having a product date of 12-7-11. UNF has recently updated its recall, however, revising the date code of the affected products to 11-6-11. Below is specific information about the recalled product:

  • Brand: Gentes Foods
  • Product Information: Gordita Black Bean Tortillas
  • UPC code: 618032102021
  • Date code: 11-6-11 (printed on a white sticker found on the product packaging)
  • Net weight: 10 ounces
  • Packaging: 6 tortillas per vacuum-packed, clear sleeve container
  • Label: white lettering on an orange background

It is important to note that some products under the same date code are not affected by the recall because these products were not exposed to the absence of refrigeration controls. Gentes Foods Gordita Black Bean Tortillas having the same date code sold in the following stores are included in the recall:

  • Safeway #110 located at 1546 North Main,Salinas California
  • Safeway #2840 located at2010 Freedom Boulevard,Watsonville California
  • Safeway #3116 located at2255 Gellert Boulevard, SouthSan Francisco California
  • Safeway #3125 located at3889 San Pablo Avenue,Emeryville California