Utah health officials are worried about the uptick in sales of home-made food from private vehicles that park in commercial parking lots.

The Salt Lake Tribune today reports that concern the public could get botulism at a business parking lot has caused the Bear River Health Department to issue a public warning.

The agency said there is no way to know if food sold from cars, SUVs and trucks are safe because they are not inspected by local or state health authorities.

Utah state law forbids the sale or distribution of home-prepared foods to the public. Bear River officials say sales in Logan business parking lots are brisk.

Health officials have issued a warning over an increase in the number of people selling home-prepared foods from their vehicles in Logan business parking lots.

Health officials advised the public to buy only from permitted establishments or those with temporary food handler permits.

Foods not properly handled or not kept at specific temperatures can cause life-threatening food-borne illnesses including hepatitis A, salmonella, E. coli and botulism.

  • This feels like a fear-inducing piece.
    Are there any reports of any illnesses from people having eaten in such places?
    Must ask, “Who benefits from this article?”

  • Marymary

    The public benefits from the article, as it highlights a potential hazard that many people may not have considered. There is nothing wrong with health education. The article is not exaggerating a threat nor is stating that there is a threat where there is none.

  • Does this mean that bake sale are illegal in Utah? Privately made food being sold to the public is a common way to raise funds for schools, activities, and disaster relief. I’m not sure how buying burritos out of the Wal-Mart parking lot is so different except that it’s minorities doing it rather than cute white kids. I agree. Fear is driving this piece and it’s not fear of Botulism.