Bay Valley Foods, LLC, a Pittsburgh, Pa., establishment is recalling approximately 6,490 pounds of a chunky grilled steak with vegetables canned soup product due to possible underprocessing, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The following product is subject to recall: [View Label]

  • 18.6 – oz. metal

Fortunately for us humans, animals have suffered the most this summer from the botulism bacteria.  Botulism, which produces a potent neurotoxin that causes paralysis and, frequently, death, is a health scourge to all, but appears to have killed an inordinate number of marine mammals and fish this summer.  Among the grisly stories produced by a

“You know, it’s funny,” Vice President Joe Biden said. “Madame Speaker probably doesn’t want this publicized, but she has a secret BOTOX room inside the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. This way, in the event of a catastrophic shortage, she can still look like a 25-year old in an 85-year old’s body.”

The Veep

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency reminded Canadians of the importance of food safety while home canning or home bottling fish and other seafood. And they left no doubt about to whom their message was directed. The government said:

“Home canning and bottling of fish and other seafood is a popular activity for