The Muskegon Chronicle today has a story about Michigan’s New Era Canning Company’s attempt to get back in business after botulism-related recalls forced its shut-down.

Family-owned since it began in 1910, New Era wants to resume production.  Rick Ray, New Era’s president and chief executive officer, told the Chronicle the outlook for the company can be described this way:

  • The positive: The FDA recently provided a permit to the company, with a couple requirements, that allows for certain cans of produce in the warehouses to be sold and the canning process to begin.
  • The frustration: Company officials contend that the FDA was slow to respond during the shutdown, causing operations to be ceased longer than New Era Canning management figured it should.
  • The hope: Interest seems to be high for potential investors in the cannery. "The process is going well," Rick Ray said. "There are a lot of people interested."

The family is even willing to give up control of New Era to new investors if it helps in getting the canning factory back in business.   Up to 260 seasonal and 50 full-time jobs would result.

In reading the story, found here, we find it interesting or perhaps telling that there is no mention of help for New Era from the State of Michigan.  The state is mess and maybe this is an example of why.   We wonder if Connors Brothers might look at New Era if they dump Castleberry’s.  That would be ironic.