We said the Main Stream Media would be catching up with the "Bill Marler Blog" and we were right. One of the first to step up and tell the story of a botulism victim who has now filed a lawsuit against Castleberry’s Chili is the Sandusky Register.  In the Ohio newspaper, reporter Cory Frolik writes:

Carl Ours Jr. won’t be eating Castleberry Food Co.’s chili again

The New London resident planned to file a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday or today.

The civil lawsuit claims he developed botulism after eating some of the company’s chili sauce in late June 2007.

Shortly after digging into a can of the chili on a camping trip, the 39-year-old man said he started having trouble chewing and swallowing food, and his muscles weakened.

The symptoms grew worse, and he was flown by helicopter to Cleveland Clinic, where he was diagnosed with the potentially fatal illness, a draft of the lawsuit states.

"He was in bad shape ," said his 72-year-old father, Carl Ours Sr. of Norwalk. "It was a life-or-death thing."

The rest of Frolik’s story can be found here.